Simulation From Consciousness

Omar Lopez, PhD
6 min readJun 15, 2022

Some people believe that the physical cosmos and the mental planes of reality are distinct. However, the physical cosmos is not as tangible as it appears. In reality, it is really an additional layer of the mental realm. Time and space do not just exist in the physical realm; they also exist in other dimensions.

The universe as a whole appears to act like a hologram. The universe could be merely a simulation, comparable to a computer program. This program is embedded in all levels of reality. God’s thinking contains solely concepts of the physical world. As he envisions it, so do we experience it. Reality is a fabrication of the mind. The rules of physics simply “regulate” how the physical cosmos functions. The universal mind, which administers the physical universe’s laws, only permits their violation when it so chooses.

We exist within the matrix. This is a mind-generated reality, not a computer-generated one. It is generated by the universal mind, which consists of a portion of God’s mind and a portion of the collective awareness of the living.
Do our five senses actually function as energy receptors that transmit energy in the form of electrical impulses to the brain so that it may be processed by the mind? When the electrical impulses are shut off, are we truly unable to see the world around us? Does our life support system truly function as blood, transporting oxygen from the air we breathe to the cells of our bodies in order to nourish and heal them? Are we truly incapable of processing energy without our blood?

While observing your feet, thump the ground. You will observe that your visual perception of your foot striking the floor corresponds to the experience of really contacting it. This would be OK but for the fact that the speed of light is significantly quicker than the conduction periods and synaptic delays through your feet’s lengthy nerves and spinal cord. Consequently, you should observe the occurrence before you experience it, and the delay should be discernible.

Scientists can learn how a physical system functions in order to manipulate it. In order to work within a system, we are required to adhere to its rules. However, the physical system is really a simulation that provides logic and order to the physical plane of reality. The simulation is merely a cover for the genuine nature of reality. We do not see with electrical impulses traveling from our eyes to our brains via nerves. We directly see energy with our minds. Through the circulation of blood, oxygen does not truly overwhelm our cells. We directly absorb energy from the universal energy field. Consciousness perceives everything as energy directly.

We think with a conscious mind when we think. When a thought solidifies, it solidifies within the subconscious mind. However, what is the subconscious mind? In Universal Subjectivity, it is his mental area or frequency. There is no such thing as your subjective mind and my subjective mind, since this would constitute duality. There is only one mind. There is, however, such a thing as the subconscious condition of your and my thoughts.

When we think, we do it through a Universal Creative Medium, a responsive and malleable substance that pervades and flows through us from all directions. When we think, we generate points of mental activity within the One Common Mind by thinking through and into it. We exist as individualized manifestations of the universal consciousness. Through the Universal Subconscious, we think as the universal conscious mind. As a person thinks, he creates a mental atmosphere around himself.
Through the channels of his own idea, whether conscious or unconscious, nothing can enter unless he permits it.

There is no other location where we could think, as Mind is everywhere. There is nothing beyond. Everything exists in the external world as projections from within ourselves. Even the sense of internal to exterior projection is a mental phenomenon. It is a conscious projection within consciousness.

There is no exterior or internal reality because everything exists in Mind. The mind is both everywhere and nowhere. Mind is nowhere other than Here and Now. Nothing exists outside of mind, as everything is created by consciousness.

The subconscious mind is our heart. Grasp what it means when we claim someone is always with us because they are in our hearts requires an understanding of the Universal Field of Subjectivity. We may be able to see, hear, and touch the individual, but they are only physical means of perceiving each other. Obviously, Spirit must take form in order to express itself. Once we encountered each other physically, though, we realized that we are constantly connected regardless of where we are. There is no division. The person exists in our heart’s Universal Subconscious. This individual is practically in our midst.

The metaphysics of Time, Space, and Matter.
Time is the measurement of change. Besides this simple function, time does not exist. There is only the present moment. Time is a succession of events inside a unified whole. Time is merely a measurement of experience in eternity and not a thing in itself. Time does not contradict Eternity; rather, it permits It to be articulated in terms of distinct experience. Time is required because it permits experience to occur within the One, but time is never a thing in and of itself. Time is truly impossible to quantify. Because yesterday has passed and tomorrow has not yet arrived, the present is swiftly becoming the past. If we attempted to pinpoint any period of time, it would have vanished before we could do so. Nevertheless, despite the elusiveness of time, it is vital to experience.

Like time, space is not an entity in and of itself; it is merely the contour of shape. It is a distance relative to the Absolute. Space is also required for the expression of the Spirit, since without it, no distinct shape could be created. We must not be confused by time and space, as they are not objects in and of themselves. They are purely relative, yet necessary nonetheless.
Things are formless entities in time and space. Things are always effects and never causes; they are the Spirit’s manifestations. Spirit’s manifestation requires material components. They are the outcome of the Word of God’s Self-Knowledge. From the planet to the peanut, and from a moment to eternity, things vary in size, form, length, and time. Spirit must manifest in SOME FORM in order for it to achieve Self-Expression via Self-Realization. The world is becoming aware that things are not at all what they appear to be, that matter and form are merely the same substance that appears and disappears, and that form is only employed to depict something that is formless, self-aware life.

Form in the astral realm is less distinct than in the physical realm. However, the physical universe is not as fixed as it appears because it is ruled by genuine reality, which is immensely fluid. Physical reality and mental reality are distinct levels of the same software, each operating with a unique set of parameters.

Time is the divide between the physical world and the astral world. Change occurs more slowly on the physical level because energy moves more slowly there, whereas on the astral world, events can occur very swiftly.
There is only one location that is considerably more concrete than physical reality. It is a location where you cannot alter the conditions with your thinking. Its vibrations are lower and more dense than those of Earth. That location I call Mental Hell. Existing beings there will be eternally tormented by thoughts in agony, pain, and sorrow. It is the point at when everything is genuinely bleak and nothing can be done about it. The condition of having no options is Mental Hell. Mental Heaven and Hell are both actual places, but your experience on Earth can be either one, depending on whether you live in a higher consciousness where anything is possible and change occurs quickly, or a hell consciousness where nothing is possible and nothing can change.

Omar Lopez, CHHP, PhD